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Ni-MH battery technology is now the Ni-Cd (Nickel-Cadmium) successor technology for rechargeable and portable devices. These batteries are ideal for less complex and cost-sensitive applications. Ni-MH batteries meet most standard customer needs.

Standard type:

Excellent cost performance, High capacity and rapidapid charge capable
Small consumer electronic, Two way radio, Measuring instrument, Medical equipment, etc.

This type has a long-life and is capable of delivering excellent charge characteristics
at high temperature


- Emergency light
- Guidance light
- Led light,
- Information equipment FTTX(HUB,ONRU),
- Back-up base station,
- Security,
- Disaster prevention,
- Two way radio,
- Server,
- Memory back-up,
- Automated Teller machine(ATM),
- Point of sales system(POS),
- Vending machine,
- Medical equipment, etc.

High energy density
High capacity Twicell achieves a higher energy density by using exclusively developed materials and construction. High capacity Twicell can allow for an extended run time in various applications.

Rapid charging capability
When using a specifically designed charger, Twicell batteries may be charged in as little as 1.1 hours.* A charge control module is also available.
*Requires special charge control circuit.

Wide-ranging line-up
FDK's high capacity batteries are available in a variety of options and are ideal for compact applications.

Audio equipment, 2-way radios, other communication devices and notebook computers.

Superior service life
High durability Twicell achieves a superior service life for continuous low-rate charging and charge/discharge cycles when compared with our high capacity type. High durability Twicell offers better performance for cordless phones, back-up power devices, etc.

Powerful range
A wide range of high durability Twicell has been developed to suit a variety of applications. Our recently developed 'T-series' is the latest of our solutions and offers higher durability than our standard 'C-series' for applications such as emergency lighting, etc.

T-series: Emergency lighting, back-up power applications, etc
C-series: Cordless phones, shavers, back-up power applications, etc

Superior high-rate discharge characteristics
FDK's original electrode manufacturing process coupled with specialized current collectors minimize internal impedance, which in turn enables high-rate discharging and guarantees a stable discharge voltage.

Improved reliability over wide range operating
Twicell is able to achieve minimal variation in performance over a wide temperature range.

Powerful range
FDK offers a wide range of high rate discharge cells, allowing for adaptation into numerous applications.

Power tools, cordless cleaners, electric motor applications, etc.

Dry cell compatible form factor
Dry cell compatible Twicell can be used in most equipment using dry cells.

World leading capacity in retail-use rechargeable batteries
Dry cell compatible Twicell is well suited for equipment that requires high capacity performance, such as digital cameras.

Long cycle life = economical solution
Twicell can reduce the amount of wasted generated in comparison to dry cells powering the identical application by reducing the need to replace after every use..

Powerful range
A wide range of products, including our industry-leading low self discharge, high voltage offer consumers the ultimate solution.

For digital cameras, PDA, audio equipment, remote control, clock, etc
*Please consult your local FDK agent regarding applications.

Serie VHT

ARTS Energy VHT cells are designed for applications demanding exceptional life duration in extreme climate conditions.
The VHT series can be charged until a current of C/3, and can be charged and discharged between -40°C to +70°C. It is used in back up or solar outdoor applications.
The VHT series offer an exceptional behavior in cycling (3000 full cycles), offering a long service life to the professional applications using the battery every day.

Features & Benefits

. Excellent cycling performance
. Wide range of temperatures
. Excellent storage capability

Technical specification

. Nominal voltage: 1.2 V
. Capacity range: 1,1 Ah to 11 Ah (C/5 rate)
. Zero maintenance

cells are designed for 55°C ELU (Emergency Lighting Unit) and back up applications in high temperature environment.
VHT U series are designed to be maintained charged and to offer a long service life in high temperature conditions.

Features & Benefits

. High temperature environments
. Fully charged state
. Excellent storage capability

Technical specification

. Nominal voltage: 1.2 V
. Capacity range: 1,1 Ah to 4 Ah (C/5 rate)
. Intermittent charge required (consult ARTS Energy)
. Zero maintenance

ARTS Energy VH super high energy cells are designed for applications that demand fast charge and discharge capability over a prolonged lifetime.
VH Cs, VH D and VH F cells are designed specifically for high energy density applications requiring fast charge and high discharge rates (50 A) and specially target cordless power tools, robots, radio control and high power professional electronics equipment.

Features & Benefits

. High power
. Excellent cycling performance
. Excellent storage capability

Technical specification

. Nominal voltage: 1.2 V
. Capacity range: 1,5 Ah to 15 Ah (C/5 rate)
. Zero maintenance